Claim Testing and Substantiation

Claim Testing and Substantiation

Cosmetic product claims are important part of any branding activity for a business when launching its products in a market. It helps potential users know about the brand and the products. The claims on the whole have to be legally compliant, honest, and backed by research and evidence.

Product claims evolve from the cosmetic labelling requirements put in place by regulating authorities for cosmetic companies looking to enter a market. Claims are potent marketing tools, but it has to be done right.

The need for substantiating claims

Since cosmetic product claims are important aspect of developing consumer trust in a product, it should not be false or confusing. The aim of the claim is to enable the consumer to make informed buying decision.

That is why every market has regulations which state that claims for a cosmetic product has to be substantiated with or supported by verifiable evidence. Claim substantiation also allows the brand to prove that the product is effective and innovative, which goes a long way to gain the consumer trust.

Substantiation through claim testing

There are different ways to support claims. Claims can be substantiated through clinical testing, consumer trials, sensory evaluations, dermatological testing etc. Product claims also have to be backed by scientific and marketing data.

When conducting claim testing, the brand has to follow certain guidelines as set by the regulatory authorities. The claims testing and substantiation should be done using scientifically valid methodology that can be reproduced in case the need arises. The testing procedure should have appropriate range of subjects, and samples tests that meet the criteria as set by the regulatory authority.

How we can help

Product claims testing and substantiation is important to not just the compliance laws by the regulatory authority, but also to earn consumer trust. You need expert support to perform the test, and develop documentation that follows the guidelines.

Here’s why you need our services:

  • We help you draw up the study protocol
  • We work with you to develop the substantiation framework
  • We have qualified and experienced team to conduct the tests and studies.
  • We help you present the claim substantiation in a technical document as per given guidelines, once the claim testing is complete.

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