Formulation Assessment

Formulation Assessment

Each market that you are looking to enter with your brand has different cosmetics regulations, and cosmetic safety rules. A brand needs to get complete safety assessment for human consumption for all the cosmetic products.

What is formulation assessment?

It is simply the study and research of the ingredients used in a cosmetic formulation. It is to check whether the cosmetic raw material used in the formulation is allowed in the region or not.

Why formulation safety assessment is important

Cosmetics are range of products - in the form of lotions, creams, gels, pastes, powders, salts, foams and emulsions – are developed to cleanse, protect, and change the appearance of skin, hair, and external parts of our bodies. They are manufactured using various chemical and natural ingredients that are meant to benefit the user.

Formulation assessment is done in every region by the regulating bodies to ensure that the chemicals and other ingredients used in the products are safe. And that they do not cause major harm to the users and the environment. Formulation assessment enables the brand to identify the restricted ingredients, and find raw material that can replace the same.

How we can help

Whichever market you are planning to sell in, cosmetic formulation safety assessment is mandatory. Whether it is the EU, APAC, North America or Middle East, all authorities request a formulation assessment report, before allowing your brand entry into the market.

Here’s why you need our services:

  • We help you avoid cost of formulation by helping you formulate withingredients that are safe.
  • Our expert cosmetic chemist assesses your formulations.Also helps you create new formulation for your product.
  • We at CIU work with you to get every formulation assessed for safety with the help of team of experts.
  • We ensure that the ingredients used in manufacturing the cosmetics arein accordance with safety regulations of the regions you are focused on.
  • We work with you to complete the paperwork and help get all the documents ready.

How can we help: formulate with ingredients which are safe, avoid cost of formulation, start with the cosmetic chemist

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