Label and
Artwork Approval

Label and
Artwork Approval

Accurate labelling and artwork on packaging is an integral part of any cosmetic and beauty product launch in the market. Non-compliant labelling and artwork can lead to the brand being recalled from the market by the authorities. You would not want to lose out on brand credibility due to mislabelling and packaging error. When you have the right label and artwork and its mandatory approval, then time to market becomes shorter, which is good for business.

What is label and
artwork on a product

Content and claims about a product, listing of ingredients, manufacturer’s details, and global certifications on the product packaging is label and artwork of a product. As per compliance rules, label and artwork should also communicate usage instructions, facts about ingredients where applicable, safety and efficacy data and such information.

Why label and artwork approval is important

Label and artwork play an important compliance role for a brand when it is entering a new market. It is mandatory for every product that is launched in a market to have labels and artwork compliant with the region the product is being sold.

Label and artwork approval is compulsory because label claim can turn a product into drug or cosmetic. This can complicate brand entry into the market since the rules for entry of each is different in different market. A small mistake in the labelling copy could mean fine by regulating authorities an even product recall from the market.

How we can help

We offer artwork and label approval services to cosmetic companies of every size wanting to enter different markets in Europe and in the US. Our team of experts work with you at every step to ensure that label and artwork of your cosmetic product is compliant with the regulations of the market you are planning to enter.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We offer regulatory consultation.
  • We do complete research on the packaging and labelling components.
  • Our compliance team ensures approval on ingredients.
  • Our design team helps you with cosmetic packaging artwork creation.
  • We have content experts who help you with technical proofreading for package labelling.
  • We ensure alignment across label content and product information files.
  • Our artwork labelling team validates the label artwork to ensure compliance with the regulatory laws.

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