Person Services

Person Services

When you are launching a cosmetic product in a market, you need a representative to make sure that the cosmetic products are compliant with all the obligations and criteria set out in the cosmetics regulations of the market. This representative is the Responsible Person. It is important for cosmetic companies to have Responsible Person in every region or market they want to enter.

Who is a responsible person

A Responsible Person can be an individual, a manufacturer, importer or a legal entity like a company established in a region under regulatory authority’s guideline. The Responsible Person is designated to help a brand put its cosmetic products in the market. The Responsible Person is involved in all aspects of product launch process – from formulation, to development, to production and placement in the market. Under the terms of regulation a Responsible Person is required by a brand to remain in the market.

Why a brand needs a responsible person

Only products that have designated Responsible Person are allowed in a market. Responsible Person brings knowledge and authority to the brand. They are required to manage the volume of data, maintain and verify the information and ensure that the cosmetic product formulation is safe for consumption in the market and meets every regulatory criterion.

In fact major services can include managing product supply chain, the raw materials supplier, manufacturing plants as well as handle the marketing efforts of the company.

How we can help

As we mentioned earlier, only products that have designated Responsible Person are allowed entry in the market. So we act as Responsible Person for cosmetic companies looking to enter markets in EU, the UK and the US.

Here’s why you need our services

  • We act as your third party Responsible Person.
  • We take legal responsibility of your products in the market during its lifecycle in the region.
  • We ensure regulatory compliance for your cosmetic products.
  • We conduct due diligence for regulatory monitoring and market surveillance for your cosmetic products.
  • We help create product safety report, product information file, formulation compliance, information for your consumers.
  • We help market the product.

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