Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

When you are creating the documentation for the product that being placed in the market, it is important to have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) about the product. Safety Data Sheet is a document that contains information about the chemical ingredients used to manufacture the product. This document can also list potential hazard and safe use of a bio-active in the product.

SDS is important because when the products are being manufactured, packaged, and stored, hazards may rise for those handling these products. An SDS provides information about the chemical compounds, bio actives, substance classification and managing potential hazards from the point of view of employees and workers handling the products during various processes.

How we can help

It is important to have SDS for every product that you are planning to launch in the market. You need the help of experts in this arena.

This is what we can do for you:

  • Create content and format of the SDS based on the regulatory requirements of EU.
  • We check and assess the occupational hazards of certain compounds in the product
  • Provide professional support to classify the products and ensure labelling criteria are met.
  • Develop the final document follows all the compliance requirements.
  • We assist our clients interpret and use the SDS effectively.

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