Posted on: June 8, 2020 Posted by: Editor Comments: 0

The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) that provides opinions on safety and risks of non-food consumer products being marketed in the EU Commission has stated that aluminium is safe for use in cosmetics. As per its final opinion, the ingredient is safe for use in antiperspirants, toothpaste and lipsticks. The concentration of this metal in the products depends on the areas where they are formulated and marketed.

Since aluminium is known to be toxic in high doses so it has raised many safety issues and controversies for use in cosmetic products. There have been studies done in France and in Norway suggesting that dermal absorption of the metal through cosmetics is higher than via diet. But recent studies done in  2020 show that aluminium is hardly absorbed by the skin, even freshly shaved skin; neither does the skin store this metal on the epidermis. Also latest assessment done by other scientific bodies till 2017 find no correlation between aluminium in cosmetic products and breast cancer.

So, as per the committee following concentration of aluminium in the cosmetic products is permissible and considered safe. It is 6.25% in non-spray deodorants or non-spray antiperspirants; 10.60% in spray deodorants or spray antiperspirants; 2.65% in toothpaste; and 0.77% in lipstick.