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The services we provide to help you with the new EU rules regarding your Cosmetic and Biocidal Products.


The UK will leave the European Union Single Market and Customs, by 31st December 2020 as the Brexit transitional period comes to an end. The pending Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) negotiated both by the UK government and the European commissions will have an impact on the product conformity assessment, product marking and the market access.

EU rules in the field of Cosmetic Products 

All suppliers and interested parties have to take the necessary steps as the UK transitions into a “third country”, where European Parliament Regulations no longer apply. As a result, cosmetic products have to ensure separate establishments with corresponding labels, indicating the country of origin. Moreover, cosmetics suppliers have to regulate a compliant safety assessment with the liable safety assessor and take the needed steps to update the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). According to Article 4 of the regulations, only products with the responsible person can be placed in the market. This can by default be the manufacturer or the importer but it can also be a third party appointed by the business. 

EU rules in the field of Biocidal Products

According to The Withdrawal Agreement, UK based suppliers are advised to appoint a new representative established in the Union and communicate this to ECHA as a way to request the continuation of their supplies. The UK will be removed from The Article 95 list by the end of the transitional period. This will withhold the biocidal products from the EU market, greatly changing the establishment and maintenance of biocidal products from UK suppliers. 

Furthermore, the way in which active substances are approved and allowed for product formulations are changing. The United Kingdom can no longer act as a leading authority for risk assessment and approvals on a European Union level. Therefore, for market approval and launch, UK based suppliers are required to transfer all relevant files to a new evaluating competent authority within the UK and they must do the same for their independent EU markets. 

The CE marking, required by many types of equipment and devices to show safety and environmental requirements, are regulated differently in the UK and the EU. The UK Government has stated that for a limited time until the 1st January 2022, they are still willing to recognize the CE mark used in the GB market. However, the EU has said that they won’t recognize it at all. Therefore, if businesses wish to place their all previously registered equipment or devices; either in the UK market or the EU market, they are required to enlist a separate CE marking authenticating their regulations respective to the guidelines. All of this goes to show the massives changes that will be brought by this new legal situation

We can act as your Responsible Person helping your product launch in the UK, EU and the global market, all dependent on what you wish for your business. We will help you regulate your product from its formulation, development, production to market placement. With us, you can rest assured your product will be launched safely and abiding by the new Brexit laws. 


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